4 Excellent Reasons to Revamp your Website

First impressions are everything!  Your website is your business’ shopfront and your most important marketing asset.  It should reflect your company’s personality and speak volumes about your brand.

Consumer expectations are always increasing, as are improvements in technology, and you need to keep up with both of these or you may be viewed as outdated.  Revamp your website for a better online presence, and to optimise conversion of your visitor into leads and sales.

Are you wondering why you’re losing potential customers who visit your site?  It could be because your pages just take too long to load.  Half of all online consumers expect a website to load in two seconds or less – so you’re site has to be quick.  Make sure your site shows a clear pathway for your visitors to access other touchpoints such as contact details, location and your social media channels, so they can continue to interact with your business.

Everytime you make an update, search engines reassess your site.  Update your content regularly with reliable and valuable information, using relevant keywords, to increase your chances of being seen amongst the ground.

Frequently updating your site will also help keep you in line with your business goals, ensure your latest product or service offerings are being advertised and allow you to engage more with potential customers through editorial contents such as blogs, articles and videos.

Search engines give higher ranking priority to mobile-friendly websites in both organic and paid search results.  Eight out of ten people lose interest if the content they’re viewing doesn’t display well on their device.  A website that requires pinching and zooming isn’t just a small inconvenience, it’s often an automatic “no”, so make sure your website is up to scratch on all device types.

So why choose a site designed by IITC Group?  Whether Quikstart or braxit built, our sites:

  • will wow your visitors through professional design, compelling content and eye-catching images that align with your brand
  • function optimally across all device types
  • are created in line with the latest SEO guidelines, so they help you to be found by search engines
  • are optimised to drive conversions for your business, be that from calls, emails of form fills
  • are completely scalable, so that you can add new content or pages whenever you need to

So contact us now to have your website brought up to date and start reaping the benefits!

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