ABCC Accepts IITC as a Member


The Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) has accepted Influence IT Consulting (IITC) as a member, opening a significant new market to IITC and supporting Anglo-Australian relations.

The ABCC, founded in 1910, is the leading independent organisation in Australia promoting, fostering and furthering trade and investment between Australia and the United Kingdom.  It has more than 25,000 connections, at over 140 events nationally, with over 8,700 attendees annually, plus a programme of bilateral delegations.

The ABCC’s programme of events, public policy contributions and network of decision-makers, provides its Members opportunities to further their business interests by connecting, engaging and influencing leaders and key decision-makers in both private and public sectors both here in Australia and overseas.

The relationship between Australia and the UK is particularly significant.  There is shared history and culture: government, legal and financial institutions; language and sporting ties (and conflicts!).  The two countries have shared security interests and a significant bilateral trade and investment history.

Bilateral trade between Australia and the UK stands at more than $29.1 billion, Australia’s fifth largest trading relationship.  The UK is the second largest source of foreign investment in Australia, valued at $515.5 billion.  The total Australian investment in the UK is $350.5 billion, the second most important foreign investment destination. *

The relationship between Australian and the UK forms the basis of the Chamber’s business model.

IITC’s Managing Director and Founder, Peter Brackstone, says, “I’m delighted and privileged that IITC has been accepted as a Member of the ABCC.  We hope to be an active Member in both Sydney and Brisbane and to foster new, and beneficial, relationships both within Australia and, naturally, within the UK where we already have a number of clients.”

IITC is a wholly-owned and managed Australian business, based in Brisbane, serving the whole of Australia, ASPAC, parts of North America, Canada, Kenya and Europe.

*Figures as at 2017.