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Why professional website development is best!

I don’t know about you but I’m regularly inundated with advertising and emails offering website building services and products. In the main, these emanate from the big website builders – goDaddy, Wix, Jimdo, etc – and, if they’d actually done their research properly would know that my own business builds websites!

So why should you use a professional web developer rather than one of the less-expensive (initially) market leaders? Here’s a few thoughts.

For a start, you’ll receive much more personal service than if you go online and “do it yourself”. No matter what Ray Meagher says, some will still not find those code generators that easy! You may end up with a fabulous looking website, but will it help build and protect your business in the digital world? No, it won’t, and here’s why.

What you don’t receive from the big boys is any business acumen or experience. That is, interaction with people who have actually built a business from scratch and grown it using digital means. The faceless code builders don’t have business experience that is relevant to you, your business, your market and your culture.

This is where professional development comes in. Yes, of course, we have the technical skills to build a website. That’s how we stay in business! But, what we add, and what makes the spend worthwhile, is the knowledge and experience of years of working in business ourselves and IT in particular.

Wix and goDaddy won’t advise you about website legal requirements, GDPR, SCA, advertising standards, security needs, privacy, copyright infringement, etc., etc. We will! A good website developer has business knowledge that he is willing to transfer to you and use to your benefit. This is what you get when you hire a professional to build your website, not just a pretty design, but insight and experience and a website that evolves from discussions with you about your business, your business goals and your business risk.

So, a pretty, cheap website built by a robot or a professionally designed and built website based on real business need and requirements that may cost a little more but serve your better? Your choice. I know which I’d choose every time.

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