Meetings Made Simple

You know how it goes……67% of meetings have no agenda; US$37BN is wasted on unproductive meetings each year; 28% of meeting participants don’t have up-to-date materials; the average meeting duration is 90 minutes.  When you look at the statistics from a business perspective, you really wouldn’t choose them to support profitability and productivity, would you?

Well, with Decos Minute from Influence IT Consulting, you can now, using a simple application, make your minutes much more effective and keep your attendees and stakeholders far more informed.  No more excuses for not completing tasks because the minutes from the last meeting were not available until the agenda for the next was issued.  With Decos Minute, you add your notes and actions into the application during the meeting and publish them straight after.  What’s more, it will keep a log of any Decisions you make during the meeting.

All Minutes, Agendas, Decisions and Tasks are managed in one place, easily and are readily accessible to attendees and anyone who you nominate for access.  Related documents can be added and linked to specific Agenda or Minute items, keeping all stakeholders on the same page.

What Minute offers you

Before the meeting
  • Import meetings from your calendar into Minute
  • Invite participants and create the agenda together
  • Import and share documents from Drive, Dropbox, e-mail and more
During the meeting
  • All meeting topics and documents directly accessible to everybody
  • Work together on notes, to-do items, documents and decisions. In real time
  • Delegate tasks to meeting participants directly
After the meeting
  • Read back all notes and to-do items on iOS and Android devices and in your browser
  • Export topics, notes, decisions, tasks and documents to Drive, Dropbox, Evernote or e-mail
  • Create a follow-up meeting in a snap

So what are you waiting for?  Trial Decos Minute from IITC FREE for 30 Days now or Contact Us to discuss your needs and ask us to demo for you.