SMS Website Integration

SMS Messaging for your Business

Being digitally connected to your customers is important today and you don’t want to loose revenue if a customer forgets an appointment, doesn’t pay a bill, needs to be informed of something critical or you generally just want to keep in touch!  Leveraging Influence IT’s relationship with MessageMedia, we can provide you with a number of services at a cost-effective price for your business. Whether it’s appointment reminders, service reminders, critical alerts, billing and payments, marketing, two-way SMS, email to SMS (and vice versa), or two factor authentication (or whatever you need in your business!) we can help you, digitally, to maximise your time and reduce “no show” customers.

Influence IT has negotiated with MessageMedia to bring YOUR business closer to your customer in the digital world.  With tiered SMS charging and no monthly fee, the more you use the service, the cheaper it becomes.  With packages ranging from up to 5000 messages per month to large-scale packaging beyond 70,000 per month, we have a deal for you and you’ll only pay when you use the service.

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