Comidor Business Transformation Platform from Influence IT

Comidor has partnered with Influence IT Consulting (IITC) to bring low-code, cloud-based, business process management to Australia.  Comidor is more than a BPMN tool, it’s a Digital Transformation Platform enabling enterprise collaboration, workflow automation, BPM and low-code development.


Comidor smartly connects people, things, data and processes to provide a unique user experience and unparalleled business.  Through a series of modules – Enterprise Collaboration, People Management, Business Processes, Project Management, Sales Force Management – readily configured using low-code technologies you will see benefits from day one!

Appropriate to all business types and size, including Industrial Automation, Media, Business Consulting, Manufacturing, Government, IT Services, Logistics, Automotive and more.  You will see a significant ROI and increase in quality using this product!  If you’ve already invested in similar tools, you may want to re-think your acquisition when you’ve seen this!

For more information on how Comidor and IITC can help your business, click here for a free consultation.  To explore Comidor more, see some of their success stories and acquire a FREE DEMO, click here.