Digital Signatures Improve Efficiency

To help our clients’ businesses become more efficient and productive, SignNow has been added to the Influence IT Consulting portfolio.

SignNow is an innovative eSigning platform used to collect signatures, archive documents, and automate workflows, driving business efficiency and reducing costs. It can increase efficiency and accelerate business processes to streamline operations and boost productivity. Business processing time is reduced and processes for signing and managing documents are streamlined.

SignNow is a secure system and has inbuilt features to avoid errors that may otherwise occur. All of your documents are safely secured by technology by Barracuda Networks, one of the world’s leading security companies. Each individual document has a full audit trail of the actions parties have taken in an easy-to-read format.

With SignNow, staff members save time preparing documents and no longer have to spend time manually tracking down documents, following-up with customers, scheduling a time to sign and managing the print-sign-scan-return process. The costs associated with printing, storing and sending paper are huge for companies. SignNow lets your business realise the cost savings of a paperless office in material goods and labour costs.

Traditionally signed documents are easily lost and are difficult to authenticate. With SignNow, documents are automatically organised so that you can find the authentic signed document with a complete audit trail.

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