On-shore Cloud Presence Coming Soon

A number of my clients have been asking for an on-shore cloud presence for tools that I both use and re-sell. This is of particular interest to Government clients and those in the Health and Finance/Banking/Insurance industries where security, privacy, confidentiality and statutory restrictions, mean that there is a preference for data not to be held off-shore.

I’m pleased to announce that through the auspices of InfluenceIT, an on-shore cloud presence will soon be available for existing and future clients. Negotiations are currently underway and I’m looking forward to announcing the establishment of the new Australian-based service shortly.

As they say, watch this space…..

For any existing clients who may want to migrate to an on-shore cloud instance of the tools, please contact me (using the Contact button on the Menu) to register your interest and be the first to take-up the new service as soon as it becomes available.