Software Testing Process Assessment (TPA)

Business Problem

Your organisation may suffer from one, or all, of the following:

  • No Testing Strategy
  • No Quality Assurance
  • No, or limited, Testing Expertise
  • Lack of Testing Maturity
  • Limited, unskilled Resources
  • Limited time to test
  • Increased business pressure regarding time to market and quality

Business Reality

Testing and Quality Assurance are usually viewed as a compliance cost for most businesses – an exercise in risk management:

  • Upgrades have unintended consequences
  • Can’t meet timeline expectations of the business
  • Cost to upgrade/replace prohibitive
  • Poor IT staff morale – the same stuff gets broken again and again
  • Establishment and maintenance of a skilled in‑house test team can
    be prohibitive

Testing is often viewed as costly, fragmented and poorly measured.

Testing Services, in our model, is not just about compliance but about enabling corporate agility, making the change process go faster, making it less risky, and protecting both the bottom line and corporate reputation.

Sample Standards for Assessment

  • TMAP
  • TMMi
  • ISO29119 (Testing)
  • IEEE829 (Electrical)
  • ISO9216 (QA)
  • ISO17025 (Test Lab)
  • ISO15504 (SPICE)

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Our Approach

With Influence IT Consulting undertaking an independent, unbiased and objective review of your testing and quality processes you can be assured that we will thoroughly assess your existing environment against defined parameters and put forward pragmatic, achievable solutions for improvement.

You set the goal and standard and we assess how well you are doing.

Whether you have in-house tailored standards to meet or follow industry best practices and international standards, we can identify where deficiencies exist and help you to achieve the target you’ve set.

We can also assess the capability of any existing testing resource and help you to put together a training/mentoring plan for them to support your goals.

Influence IT Consulting will deliver an outline road-map for the rectification of any perceived and measured deficiencies in testing which affect the outcome, cost, speed-to-market and quality of your delivered application.


A Testing Process Assessment will provide you with a baseline for improvements and a roadmap to help you to achieve your goals. Staff will be provided with an opportunity to comment openly on process, management, tool use and culture in an environment which will encourage them to be honest and critical – a situation which is not often provided during normal operations in many organisations.

You’ll also achieve:

  • A snap shot of where you are now
  • Increased Confidence
  • Increased job satisfaction and retention
  • Better outcomes
  • Mitigation of risks
  • Known and predictable costs
  • Quality results
  • Satisfied customers
  • Maturity improvement
  • Repeatable and scalable processes