Technology, Strategy and Planning

The way in which your organisation does business could, potentially, change as a result of new or emerging technologies which appear in the market every year. Knowing what path to take, when to change (if at all) and how to identify the risks and costs involved can be a nightmare! Assessing the impact on your current investments in technology, information, application and physical assets can be challenging.

Influence IT Consulting and its technology partners can work with you to identify opportunities and better implement solutions whilst leveraging current technologies and processes.

Better Leverage of Technologies

Understanding how best to leverage new and existing technologies to meet business objectives, increase efficiency, lower costs and provide a flexible foundation for business change can be complex.

  • Ensure any new technologies work with each other, as well as with any existing systems
  • Understanding the risks and limitations of new and existing systems
  • Selecting the technology providers which can meet your needs
  • Being an informed purchaser

Enabling Success for your Business

Influence IT Consulting and its partners work with you in a product-agnostic way, to improve process and allow you to achieve the best for your business.

  • Identify technology enablers to help businesses achieve business goals
  • Leverage technology trends
  • Support decision making for technology investments
  • Manage the technology change
  • Identify and remove operational inefficiencies and redundancy

New Technology, Old Systems

Influence IT Consulting can ensure that existing technology works with legacy systems. Businesses need to look for opportunities to creatively align technology to the business direction, ensuring that they remain responsive and agile. Digital environments change quickly and businesses need to be responsive to this.

  • Define an overall strategy to ensure that technology, organisation and capabilities align with current and planned business direction
  • Transform existing ICT delivery capabilities to meet the speed and agility of demands of the digital market
  • Ensure that technical architecture fully supports current business needs and is capable of evolving to support future business plans

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