Quality Management

Software Quality Management is not just about testing the software to make sure it does what it’s supposed to. Apart from the coding, there are many factors which affect the final quality of the solution delivered to your clients.

Influence IT Consulting’s approach looks at the whole of the Application Lifecycle Model (ALM) you’ve adopted for the design, development, testing and delivery of your solutions. We even take a look at how you plan to support the solution once you’ve delivered it to make sure that you have the right processes, knowledge, skills and tools in place to provide the level of support that you’ve promised.

Our quality review approach involves:

  • An asessment of your current practice
  • Review and analysis of your quality records and reported defects
  • Identifying clearly defined quality standards and outcomes
  • Identification of suitable tools to support your business and quality goals
  • Identification of learning, training and process improvements specifically for your organisation/environment
  • Identification of a mechanism for recognition and reward of good quality work

Our quality review approach will:

  • Help your organisation to continually improve, streamline operations and reduce costs
  • Allow you to become a more consistent competitor in your marketplace
  • Improve your customer satisfaction
  • Equip you with more efficient ways of working by saving time, money and resources
  • Improve your operational performance, reduce preventable errors and increase profit
  • Motivate and engage staff with more efficient internal processes
  • Aid your ability to win more high-value customers with better customer service
  • Broaden your business opportunities by demonstrating a commitment to quality

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