Project Management

Influence IT Consulting Project Management Services enable our clients to define their portfolio, align it to organisational strategies and goals, and to ensure that targeted business outcomes are achieved. No matter how large or small, simple or complex your project or organisation may be, we will design a package to help you deliver on time, on budget and to the highest predictable quality.

Influence IT Consulting Project Management Services can help clients to establish, or mature, a Project Management Office that:

  • Prioritises and aligns client initiatives (i.e. projects, programs of work, small changes, etc.) with their organisation’s over-arching strategies
  • Provides rigorous and repeatable processes that can span the entire application lifecycle
  • Provides an early warning system that flags when interventions are necessary, thereby helping manage risk more effectively
  • Provides transparency and consistency on each and every project

Just as individual Projects can vary, so do the services we can offer to our clients.

No matter what size your organisation, we’ll tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

Our delivery to date has included:

  • Establishing PMOs to help turn around entire organisations and help organisations plan and keep control of their Projects
  • Assessing and improving governance and management practices being used by existing PMOs and indiviual Projects/Programs
  • Providing transparent, auditable processes and procedures which support good practice, increase throughput and reduce error and re-work
  • Providing experienced Influence IT thought-leaders to support and guide client PMOs and Project Management personnel
  • Applying best practices to deploy Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software packages such as SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan (either locally hosted or in the cloud) to:
    • support communication across the organisation and project team
    • align project management with business objectives and provide full traceability and auditability
    • streamline reporting on key projects
    • ensure that the organisation is focused on delivering the right projects and that they remain feasible and achievable
    • manage resources that are demanded to support multiple projects and/or BAU
    • provide real-time data to track and manage projects so that informed decisions can be made
    • develop requirements and user stories, then decompose into detailed tasks for resource tracking
    • prioritise and schedule requirements for each release/iteration
    • assign requirements, tasks and incidents using the AGILE Planning Board features (for AGILE projects)
    • track bugs, enhancements, risks and issues linked to changed in the source code repository

Undertaking project inventories and providing clear criteria to help clients assess and vet their portfolio.

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