Easily Migrate from Micro Focus Toolset and Save Money!

On April 17th, Inflectra’s Adam Sandman headlined a live webinar entitled: How To Easily Migrate from MicroFocus and Save Money.

If you missed the webinar, please enjoy this recap, complete with a video recording.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Features of SpiraPlan that outperform Micro Focus’ ALM tool
  2. Rapise as a powerful alternative to UFT and LoadRunner in functional and performance testing
  3. How SpiraPlan and Rapise offer you a more powerful, comprehensive, and cost-saving solution
  4. The ease of migrating from Micro Focus to Inflectra’s Platform.

If you’re currently using the Microfocus Toolset (formerly HP ALM) and want to save money in your organisation with an alternative world-class tool, then take a look at the webinar or contact us for a demonstration of Spira products.  We’re here to help!