IITC Sponsors Inflectracon

IITC, the Asia Pacific Sales Office for Inflectra products, is proud to be a sponsor of the first ever Inflectracon being held in Cincinnati, Ohio, in September 2019.

Our founder and Managing Director, Peter Brackstone, will be presenting two sessions at the event: “Risk Management with SpiraPlan” and “Goodbye to Old Tools and Stay Sane!”.

“This is something that the Inflectra community has wanted for some time.  Inflectra has a global presence at Quality and Testing conferences and it is time for one of its own.”, says Peter Brackstone.  “I’m very much looking forward to meeting our global clients and hope that some from ASPAC will be there to influence the future of the product range.”

Speakers from around the globe will be presenting and there is a significant opportunity to mould the future of the SpiraPlan, SpiraTeam and SpiraTest products and the Inflectra automation tool, Rapise.  Developers will be there and it is a great opportunity to hear the inside track on all things Inflectra.  Come away with new tips, shortcuts and knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else!

IITC hopes to see you there!  In the interim, check out the products and services IITC can provide from the Inflectra range.  With our Head Office based in Brisbane, Queensland, we can provide a variety of add-on services to support and complement the Inflectra range.  Why not download trials of the software now and contact us for more information or a demo?