Need Flexible Testing Services (STaS)?

Influence IT Consulting (IITC) offers its clients choice and flexibility in everything we do.

With this in mind, we are pleased to confirm KiwiQA as a new outsourcing partner for Software Quality Assurance and Testing services to supplement our existing internal capability and partnerships.

KiwiQA has demonstrated the level of quality you’ve come to expect from IITC and we are pleased to work with them to support your projects and achieve a great outcome!  No matter what size your project, with IITC managing them and KiwiQA providing the grunt, you can’t fail to succeed!

One Stop QA Shop

KiwiQA is a team of experienced, seasoned and erudite Software Testing Professionals who help build flawless and better IT systems with complete focus on end-users’ needs.  With multifaceted expertise in Automated, Manual and Advanced Testing Methods and Technologies, KiwiQA assures the function and performance of your IT solutions.

KiwiQA’s software testing expertise is significant and they offer a wide array of software testing services including performance and load testing, automation testing, mobile testing, cloud-based mobile testing, selenium testing, security and penetration testing, code verification, manual testing and more…

The KiwiQA tean acquires new skills and advanced knowledge of your subject matter fast, keeping abreast of all the latest developments in testing and quality assurance to be able to offer clients the most comprehensive set of services with the latest testing tools and capabilities to track even the minutest of bugs.

Cut Staff Costs

KiwiQA is a leading software testing services company that offers a comprehensive set of independent software testing services to its global clientele.  They strive to offer the best and most cost-effective services to their clients in a time-bound manner, achieving a significant cost saving for your business in software quality and testing provision costs.

While the KiwiQA team delights in finding even the minutest of anomalies and errors in software functionality, user-interface, performance and other aspects, they ensure that they follow an end-user oriented approach to their work.  The team focuses on the end-user experience and understand the negative impacts of failure for your business.

KiwiQA follows industry best practices, ensuring total visibility and honesty in all that it does, supported by clear documentation and reporting.  Their highly professional team works collaboratively with clients to deliver the desired outcome must faster and in a highly cost-efficient way.  If your business needs external compliance checking – IITC and KiwiQA can do it faster and more efficiently!  If you have internal (or external) governance and audit standards to meet – let us do the work for you, independently! Internal quality processes support the aim of achieving the best result for you and your business at minimum cost in both money and time.

So, if you have Quality and Testing needs, for any size of project, why not contact us now to discuss?  You’ll be surprised with what we can offer and the value of the outcome to your business and customers.