Software Testing as a Service (STaS)

Influence IT Consulting (IITC) gives its clients more choice.  As a professional provider of software and quality testing services, IITC has sought out some of the best suppliers to service its customers when volume and throughput is critical.  IITC is pleased to announce its partnership with QATestLab, an independent testing organisation providing high quality services worldwide.

With more than 12 years experience in software testing and over 3000 successfully delivered projects, QATestLab demonstrates the quality and reliability expected by IITC partners.

QATestLab delivers a full range of software testing services to enhance and supplement those provided directly by IITC: test management, quality and test consulting, quality management, test documentation and quality assurance.  Services are divided roughly into 5 key areas: web & digital, mobile, gaming, ecommerce and test automation.

The partnership with QATestLab gives IITC access to more than 200 testers to service its clients via 7 production offices overseas, enabling IITC to service larger clients and more complex projects via a variety of Business Models: Dedicated Team, Team Fixed Price and Time & Materials.  Let IITC manage your quality and testing needs through our new partnership!

IITC and QATestLab provide more than services. We provide opportunities for your business.

By bringing a wide range of QA and testing services, we ensure your product meets the market requirements, satisfies international quality standards, and attracts new users.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Manual Testing including Functional, Regression, UX / Usability, Localisation, Compatibility, System, Integration testing

• Test Automation including Performance and Penetration Testing

• Test Documentation to ensure effective and well-arranged testing procedures

• Test Management to provide fast and successful release of ready solutions

• Consulting to arrange workflow and ensure standards fulfilment

• Quality Assurance to assist in reaching the software quality business demands

Sounds too complicated to get off the ground?

It takes only 4 steps to start a project after your request.

About 30% of projects start within 1 day.

  • Project assessment: On the basis of documentation and data provided by the client, we analyse the project and determine the scope of work.
  • Proposal preparation: Having all deliverables specified, we provide an official offer including the selected strategy and quotation.
  • Proposal evaluation: Client approves the estimates and both sides schedule the tasks and form the final budget.
  • Signing agreement: The final agreement is signed, and the project starts.

So, if you have Quality and Testing needs, why not contact us now to discuss?  You’ll be surprised with what we can offer and the value of the outcome to your business and customers.