Telair and IITC Partner

IITC loves to offer its clients choice when it comes to services and equipment. That’s why we continue to expand our partnership network and have now added Telair to our portfolio.

Established in 2006, Telair delivers services across the Cloud spectrum, providing cost effective solutions and high speed responses to customer requirements and their emerging needs as the businesses grow.

After years of delivering telecommunications and cloud services, Telair found the need to evolve into a larger player in the industry and so Telair Managed IT was born, complementing the core business.

Telair’s Managed IT Services include: Desktop & Server Management, Network Management, Implementation Services, Installation, Configuration & Training and Hardware Supply & Distribution.  Take a look.

Just need voice services?  Checkout what Telair can provide.  Internet and Data?  Check out the Telair portfolio.

IITC is pleased to work with you to determine your telecommunication and IT needs and to design the best, most pragmatic, solution for your business at an affordable price.

IITC’s consultants are here to help you move to NBN and take away the pain of migrating to the new national service.  They will assess your current service and determine what needs to change to support a move to NBN.  If you are a new business, talk to us first before you commit to anything.  You’ll be surprised how competitive we are and how much better our service is. We’ll take on the NBN and big suppliers for you and manage your implementation from end-to-end.

Contact us now to make an appointment to discuss your needs, you won’t regret it!