Migrating from TestLink to SpiraTest Just Became Easier!

Influence IT Consulting is the ASPAC Sales office for Inflectra products. Several of our customers have been looking to migrate from some older, legacy test management systems such as TestLink that have seen a decline in active development. Thanks to the wonders of APIs, Inflectra has just released a new test management migration tool that makes it easy to migrate from TestLink to SpiraTest, the award-winning test management system.  What could be better?  It’s FREE!.  Read all about it here.

Did you know that Inflectra offers a wide range of migration tools to help organisations transfer to one of the best ALM tools on the market?  Check out the current list of APIs available FREE of charge to help you migrate to Inflectra SpiraTeam/SpiraTest: APIs.

In addition to the APIs, we also have a range of Import/Export tools, again FREE of charge, for you to move data in and out of Inflectra products.

It’s made so easy for you to move to one of the best serviced products on the market for software lifecycle management. Why not contact us today for a free consultation to see how you can easily improve your productivity, quality and service (and, by the way, it’s less expensive than most of our competitors!).  You’ll be surprised how well Inflectra will fit into your organisation at all levels.

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