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Ezypay Joins IITC Portfolio of Services


Influence IT Consulting has partnered with Ezypay to bring a choice of payments functionality and pricing to its clients.

Ezypay is a multi-award winning FinTech company specialising in the provision of subscription and recurring payments. Since its establishment in 1996, Ezypay has continued to support local Australian & New Zealand businesses to generate revenue and settle complex financial scenarios with recurring customers the easy way and has processed over $3 billion worth of subscription payments.

The cloud-based payment platform offers a suite of easy-to-use subscription management services to manage customers and recurring direct debit payments across multiple sites, multiple payment methods and multiple currencies. Core features include generation and automation of dynamic subscription plans, omni-channel customer sign-ups, scheduling payments, invoicing, failed payment handling and reporting.

Ezypay’s modern cloud-based architecture runs in a secure AWS environment and has a suite of open APIs for software integration partners to leverage the billing platform as part of their own offerings.

With offices in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, generating recurring revenue globally becomes easy. Ezypay currently processes payments in 9 countries across the Asia Pacific Region (Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Thailand) and is continually expanding.

Ezypay, the easy choice for taking recurring payments.

Ezypay and Influence IT Consulting work together to offer your small business the option of big-business services for you and your client.

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