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Telecoms Solutions for Small Business

With our trusted partner, Exetel, Influence IT Consulting (IITC) is able to provide an even more comprehensive service to it’s customers and an increased ability to integrate their telecoms with their websites and business processes.  Whether your business needs landlines, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol – using the internet for your phone calls), VPBX (Virtual Private Branch Exchange – a virtual switchboard), mobiles, internet or anything else to do with telecoms (yes – we can provide hardware too!), work with us so that we can help you get the best deal for your business.

Exetel and IITC believe that every successful business is built on smart data, IT and voice solutions.  Solutions which are clever, reliable and cost-effective.  In alignment with IITC’s mantra of “Pragmatic, Affordable IT for the Small to Medium Business”, Exetel is able to offer standard packages or can customise a package that best suits your business needs.  We know that the big telcos can be a pain to deal with and understand and that you are far too busy to waste your valuable time, so, working together, IITC and Exetel will make things happen with the minimum of effort.  Essentially, this means that:

  • We will deliver the very best deal we can for your business.
  • We won’t confuse or b.s. you during the process – we will deliver what we say we’ll deliver every time.
  • We will provide solutions which will grow with your business and be flexible enough to meet your changing needs.  You just have to talk to us and let us know how we can work together.
  • Our high performance network will support you and your business no matter what your growth plans are.

Exetel started out in 2004 as a family owned company with only one objective – to provide internet, telephone and communications services at the lowest price to Australian businesses.  Still family owned, Exetel is now Australia’s 5th largest ISP (Internet Service Provider) with over 120,000 residential and business customers.  Exetel’s mission is to give it’s customers the very best deal without compromising the level of uptime, speed and service quality.  With over 300 staff operating from Sydney, and a network of partners and resellers, Exetel is big enough to deliver real value, yet small enough to care.

Contact IITC today for a discussion around your business telecommunications needs and how IITC can help you to integrate them with your digital presence in the market.