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Guest Blog: Enliven Remedial & Pregnancy Massage

Enliven has been a valued customer of Influence IT for more than two years.  Influence IT is proud to have created the digital footprint for this innovative, remedial and pregnancy massage business working out of Logan, Qld. We asked Enliven’s owner, Emma, to provide us with some tips for our audience.

Emma – Therapist

Spending long spells in front of the computer?  Enliven provide their top tips on how to avoid discomfort and injury

It may not seem like it, but working at a computer and sitting at a desk for an extended period is a strenuous activity.  Office work can take a toll on your body, physically and mentally.

It’s not the posture you adopt when working but rather the lack of movement which causes discomfort.  As we remain stationary our bodies activate more muscles to hold the position to help combat fatigue.  Most issues encountered by people spending long hours at a screen are caused by a lack of movement.  If you are aching, stiff and sore from all the hours you spend in front of a screen, here are our top tips to keep you comfortable and working at your best.

Stand up when you answer the phone
It may not seem like much but the simple activity of standing to answer a call helps reduce fatigue in the muscles and resets your posture ready to sit down and start working again.  You will also come-across more confident and with more resonance if you stand to talk.

Take lunch away from your desk
Most people will say this to you but there are some very valid reasons. Moving will improve your circulation and the screen break will help clear your mind.  Additionally, I know so many of us will be tempted to keep working or check personal email during our lunch break and this will ensure the temptation is minimised.

Check your screen height
Another simple measure to check that you are reducing the fatigue factor is to make sure that your screen is at a height which is neutral for your neck. Avoid looking up or looking down where possible.  If you often work from paper documents, invest in a document holder which can be set up at the same height as your screen.

Chair tilt
Making sure your chair has a slight tilt to the back rather than being strictly upright will give you the space to fidget. It might sound odd but having that little bit of space in your chair to slouch and sit upright alternately will keep you moving and reduce muscle fatigue.

Regular massage
Remedial massage by a qualified therapist will help to loosen tense, fatigued muscles and improve circulation. It can assist with reducing headaches and back pain from long hours working at a screen.  Prevention is better than cure so book your session now!

Want to learn more about how you can get the most from your workday and go home feeling energised? Book with Enliven below.

Book in October 2018 (for a session in October 2018) and get 15 minutes extra FREE on your 45 minute massage booking!  Just quote IITC when booking on-line.