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4 cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your website

Capturing web traffic is the first hurdle to conversions for any online business. If you’re just getting started, we’ve rounded up a few cost-effective solutions you can customise to your budget.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is the ongoing process of improving your site to be found on Google. The concept relies heavily on a pool of keywords relevant to your business and works to capitalise on the functionality and features of a site that the Google search engine is known to favour.

Google search results are determined by an algorithm that is constantly evolving. Search engine optimisation takes what we know about that algorithm and applies it to your website to increase your website’s visibility. The ultimate goal is to get your website featured on the first page of search results for your related keywords, as most users will only ever look at the first page of results for their search.

Content Marketing

If you follow marketing trends you would have heard the phrase, “content is king” – but why? Content is the only tangible online source that gives prospective customers a snapshot into your business. If your business was a hotel, your content would be the concierge. It is the personality of your brand, the thing that facilitates and builds relationships with clients. Your content provides them with all they need to know to make an informed judgement on your product or service offering.

Fresh, valuable content can not only increase your brand awareness and visibility in search engine results, it can also band with other marketing mediums, such as social media, to augment engagement across different promotional platforms. This all leads to an increase in overall conversions, enhanced brand reputation and stronger relationships between the customer and the brand.

You guessed it, content is yet another low-cost marketing method. With content marketing, you can prove the value you provide to your audience while decreasing spend and compounding value.

Social Media

Facebook  is one of the best digital marketing platforms for storytelling and there’s so much your business can benefit from it. There are two types of Facebook marketing: organic content and paid ads. Take a look at the advantages of the both:

Organic Content

Organic social media is the content posted to a business page and is 100% free to any business with a Facebook account. The purpose of this content is to demonstrate your brand personality and create a relationship with your community. Organic social media posts serve as a constant reminder to your followers, keeping your business at the top of mind for the people who matter.

Social media is also a great way to distribute your content as, if it’s valuable, it will spread organically across the network. But if you find that your organic content isn’t getting the results you need, you may want to consider paid advertising.

Paid Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a whole other kettle of fish. Using a modest budget, you can create highly target campaigns to reach the right people. There are a huge number of different Facebook ad types for your business to choose from. Each ad is appropriate for one of three primary objectives: more website traffic, more sales or more social engagement. With paid Facebook advertising you can also choose to re-target previous customers to increase retention and improve your sales stats.


PPC (Pay Per Click advertising) is also often referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Google Adwords. Like paid Facebook advertising, it can hone in on the right web users for your business. PPC offers a breadth of different ad types just as Facebook does. It allows for similar targeting or re-targeting options. The main premise of PPC is that the advertiser only pays for the number of clicks their ad receives. With so many businesses competing for the same or similar ad space, Google operates their allocations on an auction-style basis. If you know what you’re doing on the Google Adwords platform, PPC advertising can be incredibly valuable to your business. It can bring a high return on your investment because you are reaching people who are actively looking for your products/services.

Want more info?

If you’re a marketing newbie, or you’re interested in learning more about how to advertise your business online, Influence IT Consulting offers regular workshops to help business owners understand the digital space.