Cafes Queue-up for Quikstart!

Influence IT’s innovative Quikstart packages are going gang-busters in Queensland!  Cafes (and other businesses) are queueing up to get their business hands on an affordable digital presence.  Particularly suited to new, or nearly new, small to medium businesses, the Quikstart packages offer customised templated websites at less than AU$1 a day!

Two of our most recent provisions are Cafe at Bayliss and Cafe Corner, both in Brisbane.

“The site is beautiful and meets our current needs exactly.  IITC understood our business and was able to translate this into a website that works for us, with room to grow in the future.  The feedback from our customers has been awesome!”, says Michelle from Cafe Corner.

Leon, from Cafe at Bayliss, has a similar view. “The site was up and running in no time at all.  IITC provided the logo/branding and helped significantly with the copyrighting for the content.  I’ve been planning a website for a while but always thought that it would be too hard.  IITC made it easy!”.

“Understanding our clients’ business is key to our success.  We never talk techie to our clients but identify their needs and provide an IT solution.”, says Peter Brackstone, MD of IITC.  “With our hospitality clients in mind, we can also provide digital loyalty services, on-line reservations and ordering and other, more localised, functions at an affordable price.  Our clients are delighted with our service”.

IITC aims it’s products and services at small-to-medium businesses and hopes to provide a “one stop shop” to help new businesses manage their digital presence and customer image.  QuikstartWeb and QuikstartShop, when combined with the Business Starter Pack, comprise a formidable package for new businesses and is hard to beat!

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