Stamp Me – Digital Loyalty for Small Business

Our digital loyalty scheme – Stamp Me – is now even more affordable for smaller cafes, juice bars and any small service-based business. Now available through Influence IT Consulting, your path to digital loyalty is FREE to trial for 30 days.  We’ve removed the set-up fee and there is no longer a limit on the number of users you sign-up.  What’s more you can now access this amazingly effective marketing and retention tool at entry level for only AU$19 (ex GST) per month!

Click here to sign-up for your trial and enter the promo code $5INFLUENCE for an additional bonus from Influence IT Consulting.

To better support the Business Starter Pack offered by Influence IT Consulting (IITC) to its small-to-medium enterprise (SME) customers, the Australian-based electronic loyalty card, “Stamp Me”, is part of the IITC portfolio. It’s an easy to implement, affordable and cost effective retention and marketing tool which can cost your business significantly less than a AU$1 per day!

Loyalty cards are a proven customer retention tool and widely used by businesses to increase the lifetime value of a customer. Stamp Me puts the traditional paper “Bur 5 Get 1 Free” style cards onto customers’ smart phones via a free downloaded app. There are many styles available to businesses including, stamps, points, VIP/Membership, check-ins, coupons, scratch cards and prepaid cards.


Providing a marketing tool for customer retention, intelligence and communication, Stamp Me is easy to implement and customers love the fact that they always have your business loyalty program with them and don’t have to carry either a paper or plastic card.

From the business perspective, Stamp Me is unique, secure and innovative. Customers place their smart phone onto the Stamp Mate device to receive the stamp. There is no complicated hardware or software integration required and the programme operates independently of any POS system. The Business Portal allows you to view live customer activity including customer joins (sign-up), stamps/points and redemptions. The Portal provides you with a full customer database for your marketing activity – including names, emails and phone numbers, enabling a number of communication options:

For more information on the Stamp Me offerings from Influence IT Consulting, visit our website.