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Website Legals to Protect your Business

At Influence IT Consulting, we take pride in providing the best guidance we can to our clients to help them grow their businesses.  Making sure that their websites have the best possible legal protection, we encourage all of our clients to display the necessary Legal Notices appropriate to their business and the way in which they interact with their customers.

Every business’s website should have terms of use, disclaimers and address privacy considerations. The terms of use define the legal relationship between your business and visitors to your website whether or not they purchase goods or services from you. A disclaimer can provide some protection from liability for your website operations, content, information and links provided by or through your website. A privacy policy will outline how you collect and manage personal information about others.

Influence IT Consulting offers to provide a Website Legal Notice (Notice) for inclusion on your Website. The Notice has been prepared by a Queensland Lawyer and is current at the time of purchase.  The Notice we provide will be general in nature only. It will include generic terms of use, disclaimers and a privacy policy statement permitting clients to ask you for specific details of management of personal information. The Notice will not be tailored to your specific circumstances or business, but will be a starting point only for you to develop website legals that fit with your businesses requirements and its customer/client relationships.

As all business are different, Influence IT Consulting cannot warrant or accept liability for the use of this Notice on any specific website.  We strongly recommended that legal advice specific to your business be sought to ensure the Notice and any amendments you make are appropriate to protect you and your business.  Of course, once you’ve created your business-specific Notice, we’d be happy to install it onto your website.

The Notice is available for purchase from Influence IT Consulting through this link.  Just specify “Legal Notice” in the subject line.

Naturally, we are happy to put you in contact with our preferred lawyer, with whom we have negotiated a discounted, fixed price, to assist you with the tailoring process.

Don’t leave your business exposed on the internet – make sure you have the best legal protection you can for your business now!