Enliven Chooses Influence IT Consulting

Enliven Remedial and Pregnancy Massage has chosen Influence IT Consulting to re-design, develop, manage and host it’s website following a growth in business and a need for greater performance and support from it’s earlier provider.

“The demonstration of IITC’s understanding of my business and needs was fabulous. I didn’t need to talk techie with anyone, just had to state my business needs and they were translated into our new website. When they say that they are “Bridging the Gap between Business and IT”, they mean it!”, says Emma, Managing Director at Enliven.

Enliven chose IITC from the wealth of website providers available on the basis of cost, quality and, uppermost, service. Emma has had experience of a company website which isn’t managed and supported properly and knows the difficulties this causes when the website host doesn’t respond to email and phone calls. She wanted to avoid this for her own business and heard of the offerings and service excellence being provided by IITC. It was important that the migration process was seamless so that the Enliven team could do what they do best – provide specialised massage services for their clients.

“The choice was obvious. Knowing their founder’s reputation for quality and customer service, and a keen and competitive price, IITC was the best choice for Enliven. Throughout the process it was easy to communicate with them and for me to understand what was being delivered. I’m delighted with the outcome and am already planning further development to better empower my clients to own their health and wellness journey”, says Emma.

Enliven has also chosen to adopt IITC’s Pin Payments service offering as their business is delivered at multiple sites throughout Brisbane. Emma says, “For the small-to-medium sized business, Pin Payments is an ideal option as the rates are highly competitive and we only pay for the service when we use it!”.

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