Website Video Engages your Audience

Influence IT Consulting is pleased to welcome Cohere Content Studio to it’s business partnerships. In keeping with delivering the very best we can to our small-to-medium sized business customers, at an affordable price, Cohere will provide video content for our clients’ websites and social media marketing.

“The only thing better than an image is a moving image. Video is a powerful tool capable of spreading your message further than any other piece of content. With an award winning background in video production, the Cohere team is ready to take your business to the screen and your website to the next level.

We love to create, it’s what we do. In one way or another the team at Cohere have been creating well before this was even a thought. This desire to create has led us to want to create for not only ourselves but for others as well. Hence Cohere was born. We don’t want to tread in the footsteps of others, we wanted to break the mould. Create video content that is inspired just as much as it is effective. It’s this philosophy that we carry into the images we design and the videos we produce.” – Hayden Lowry, Director, Cohere Content Studio

So if you are looking to include video in either your website or social media, on a new or refreshed digital environment, contact Influence IT Consulting today and see how affordable great quality can be!