It’s the Way We Do It!


Influence IT Consulting has added “Way We Do” to it’s portfolio of partnerships to help businesses work better and improve quality for their customers.

Way We Do is cloud-based SOP Software… it turns your operations manual into a living, breathing tool that is used daily by the team. Compare that to the usage of your operations manual today! It securely houses all of your team’s work instructions such as “how to” information, policies and procedures, along with corresponding recurring tasks. They are emailed daily with tasks due today, with links to procedures explaining how to do the job.

All industries. All sizes.

Way We Do is used by all industries such as accountants, bookkeepers, cleaners, auto service workshops, financial planners, construction companies, retail stores, landscape architects, private investigation companies, government organizations and many, many more. Whether you employ 1 or 1000 people, in a full time, part-time, or casual capacity, Way We Do is a great fit for your business.

Why you should choose Way We Do from Influence IT

Your operations manual is centralized in the
cloud, allowing you and your team to access it from any
Access your manual on desktop, mobile and
tablet devices.
Record your team signing-off they have read
and understood policies and procedures.
Automate communications to inform your team
of recurring tasks with links to the procedure.
Always Up To Date:
Setup reminders to editors to review and
revise policies and procedures.
Use pre-written templates and create your own
to save time.
Custom print parts or the whole of your manual to
Daily backups and up to 256K encryption.

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