Influence IT Consulting Partners with Xero to deliver superior accounting software and integrations to it’s clients

Influence IT Consulting is pleased to announce the inclusion of Xero in its portfolio of solutions for small-to-medium sized enterprises, complimenting its existing menu of offerings in its “New Business Menu”.

Xero is beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses.

The company has 1 million subscribers in more than 180 countries.

Xero operates in the cloud, requires no installation or upgrade costs, and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Influence IT Consulting is pleased to use Xero for it’s own business.

“As a solution for small to medium enterprises, Xero is the ideal product to support our needs and those of our clients. It fits perfectly into our portfolio of “one stop shop” services for new to nearly-new businesses. Xero integrates with our bank account for automatic reconciliation and allows our clients to pay our invoices on-line using our Pin Payments option for easy accounting. It’s the ideal solution for us to help us keep track and provide the record keeping we need for the ATO.” (Peter Brackstone, Managing Director, Influence IT Consulting Pty Ltd)

Influence IT Consulting highly recommends Xero accounting software to it’s clients and is happy to provide guidance on integration with it’s online payment options.

For a FREE TRIAL of Xero – hit the button or contact Influence IT Consulting for more information.