KronoDesk 2.0 Released by Inflectra to Simplify the Help Desk Experience

Inflectra® is pleased to announce the release of KronoDesk 2.0, the latest version of its powerful and easy to use help desk system. KronoDesk is the customer support system that lets users focus on their customers, instead of spending time configuring tools to do help and support. With its latest version, KronoDesk has been completely redesigned with a fast, modern user interface that is 100% mobile responsive and comes with many time-saving features to streamline customer support.

Why Use KronoDesk?

KronoDesk lets customers focus on helping their customers, not configuring tools. Kronodesk is beautiful on the outside and powerful on the inside. Customers can be up and running with a live help-desk in moments after sign-up. In addition, with Kronodesk, customers can get a customized look and feel in a few minutes and then set up the roles, permissions, forums within an hour.

End users love KronoDesk because they can get support fast and get back to what matters: being productive with their day job. When they need it, Kronodesk helps them help themselves. When they need personalized help, Kronodesk’s powerful ticketing system gets customers in touch from anywhere, from email or online. A one-stop support-hub lets them see all their conversations and questions at a glance.

Completely Mobile Responsive

The latest version of KronoDesk features a completely redesigned user interface that is 100% mobile responsive and can be used on a computer, cellphone or tablet with equal ease. Customers logging tickets can see their status in real time whilst on the move. Customer support agents can telework using their device of choice.

Integrated Theming

Customers can integrate KronoDesk into their website and whitelabel it so that it matches their corporate theme and branding without any coding or scripting. The theming is completely UI-based and is as simple as choosing the colors, fonts and text that you need.

Intelligent Auto-Answering

The latest version of KronoDesk features time-saving features for support agents, allowing them to quickly find and insert matching knowledge-base articles into support tickets. In addition, customers will be provided with a list of matching articles when they log a support ticket, getting them help faster and making sure they have all the knowledge at their fingertips.

About KronoDesk

Superb customer support is critical to building and maintaining strong customer relationships and satisfaction. KronoDesk is an integrated customer support system that provides help desk ticketing, online forums and a searchable knowledge base.

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