Influence IT Consulting Partners with Velpic eLearning

Influence IT is pleased to announce its Partnership with Velpic, the next-generation cloud-based eLearning Software.

Velpic is ideal for mid-tier businesses who want to accelerate their performance through innovative workplace training for all stakeholders — while saving money, time and effort.

Velpic is much more than a typical learning management system (LMS). It provides a seamless all-in-one tool for organisations to Create, Schedule, Deliver and Report on a variety of training materials from PowerPoints to ready-made expert videos to bespoke video lessons.

Constantly innovating, Velpic is a forerunner in bringing Virtual Reality training to the masses
Velpic can become a powerful part of your business acceleration strategy, and help you eliminate a host of third-party costs associated with traditional classroom training or legacy LMS solutions. Training moves faster and better with Velpic’s eLearning software.

Influence IT Consulting is delighted to add Velpic to our stable of solutions, extending our offerings to businesses of any size, to continue to deliver on our commitment to outstanding, high-quality services.

For more information on Velpic and how it can add value to your business, contact us today.

If you’d like to jump right in and give Velpic a test drive, you can access a 30-day FREE TRIAL here.